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OEM Mopar Tail Light Assemblies

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The lighting mounted on the rear of your vehicle consists of tail lights, brake lights, and reverse lights. Tail lights are wired to light up red whenever your front position lights are activated. They indicate your position both on the road and off, usually giving drivers a rough idea where and how far ahead you are. Some tail lights can have fog lights built in to improve visibility during dense fog and other inclement weather.

Brake lights, however, turn red whenever you step on your brake pedal; they indicate that you're either slowing down or stopping. Reverse lights, on the other hand, turn on when you shift into the reverse gear or drive mode to back your vehicle up; they indicate to other drivers that you're backing up, so they know to stop or avoid you. What a tail light assembly is, though, is the entire kit for installing tail lights -- housing, lens, and installation parts -- usually but not always minus the bulbs.

When to change tail light, then, is straightforward. Take care of it if your lights or bulbs have been damaged in an accident or if they're dimming or flickering from either that damage or from old age. Before you do, though, be sure of the problem: inspect the entire assembly.

Fix Your OEM Lighting | Install Genuine Mopar Tail Light Assemblies

If you're planning a replacement project, you've come to the right auto parts store. We carry only genuine OEM tail lights and assemblies, so what you order will come compatible with what you drive, guaranteed. Buy now and we'll ship immediately.

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