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Mopar Weather Stripping

The original weather stripping in your vehicle was installed at the factory to help seal the cabin against wind, rain, and dirt. Made of rubber and soft plastic, these slats are held in place by adhesives and small screws. They line the windows and door edges and have added benefits beyond sealing your interior. For example, they also help quiet the sound of a car door closing. They also help keep outside noise down, which is invaluable when you're trying to listen to a nice piece of music while driving at highway speeds.

Replace Your Weather Stripping with the Best Option

Eventually, even the high-quality weather stripping that came with your car or SUV can degrade. Listen for air whistling through closed windows or doors. Look for water spots. Check the strips for brittleness or cracks. Once yours have gone bad, you need to replace them as soon as possible. Doing so is an easy piece of work. Take out any screws, pull the stripping free, clean any remaining adhesive away, and dry the area. Then lay down fresh adhesive, press the new weather strip into the channel, line it up, and press gently. If screws are needed, this is the time to replace them. Keep in mind, any new weather stripping needs to be the same type, width, and length as the piece that was originally in place. The best way to ensure that? Use the genuine factory weather stripping from your OEM. It's sure to fit nice and tight, since it's designed for your model. Find everything you need for the job at our online auto parts department. Order now and save!

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